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Crockett HendersonCrockett Henderson | TEAM ANGLER

     In 2010, Crockett graduated from being team “videographer” to taking on the responsibilities of designated “team angler.”  Like his brother, Joshua, Crockett poses the patience and knowledge necessary when trying to land money-winning king mackerel.  While Crockett’s skills as the “videographer” are missed, his work “on the rod” has proven to be outstanding.  In addition, Crockett’s responsibilities are maintaining GPS coordinates, tying rigs, and preparation of the boat, equipment, and tackle prior to tournaments.


     Crockett took home the SKA Yamaha Professional Kingfish Tour “Top Junior Angler” during the 2008, 2011, and 2012 seasons.  In addition, he and Joshua were the 2006 SKA Division 12 Junior Angler Champions.  As an SKA Junior Angler, Crockett claimed more top three finishes than we can count.  In his final year as a Junior Angler, he also won the SKA Division 1 Title.


     Passion and fire describes Crockett’s personality best.  He has missed only one tournament that the Liquid Fire team has fished since 2004, and his desire for the team to succeed is paramount.


     Crockett would love to fish for a living….he has earned his USCG Captains License.

Joshua Henderson

Joshua Henderson | CO-CAPTAIN

     Joshua was the designated “team angler” beginning in 2005 until he aged out of the Junior Angler status and turned over the rod to Crockett.  His patience and level headedness while fighting a fish were just the traits needed in a skilled angler, especially if that angler wants to land big fish.


     When Joshua decided at the beginning of 2010 that he would like to “hand off” the angling duties to his younger brother, Crockett, he assumed the “gaffing” responsibilities. (Note:  many tournaments required the junior to angle the fish for award eligibility.)  The same qualities he poses as an angler, lends him to being an accurate “gaffer” as well!  In addition to handling the gaffing duties, he also throws a 12-foot cast net like it’s a “pancake!”


     Together, he and Crockett claimed the 2006 SKA Division 12 Junior Angler Title.  In addition to this title, Joshua has claimed over 15 tournament Junior Angler top-three finishes.


     His understanding of the technology world (from building our original website to creating most of the Liquid Fire videos and team graphics/logo), keeps our team on the cutting edge of the sport when marketing for our sponsors.


     He has also earned his USCG Captains License.

Audrey HendersonAudrey Henderson | LADY ANGLER

     Audrey was dubbed “Little General” early in our fishing ventures by Ben Beasley, with whom we fished our first year on the SKA divisional tour in 2004.   As the nickname suggests, she manages many of the endeavors on which our team embarks.  She is our travel coordinator in addition to responsibilities for all team paperwork and organizing our booth setup for fishing schools.   She assists with social media and marketing.  Audrey always makes certain that our guys are outfitted, have plenty of food and drink on the boat, and are protected (from the sun) on tournament days.


     While she is present at every weigh-in to cheer on the team and take photos of the Liquid Fire coming to the scales, Audrey also participates in catching bait and pre-fishing when she can.

Mark HendersonMark Henderson | TEAM CAPTAIN

     Mark’s efforts for gaining sponsorship, promoting the fishing team, and communicating with fellow teams are the tasks that no one else is quite suited to do.


     While Mark began as the team’s angler in 2004, he gladly passed those duties over to Joshua in 2005 with the start of our own Liquid Fire Fishing Team and took over the “gaffing” responsibilities for the next five years.  After Crockett assumed the “angling” duties in 2010, Mark passed the gaff to Joshua.


     Everything came “full circle” when Mark was charged with the responsibly of team “videographer.”  He now has a much greater respect for Crockett after realizing how tough handling a camera can be while trying to handle the boat as well.


     In addition, Mark maintains much of our social media efforts. He is our team’s spokesperson and main contact for sponsors.   Although the entire team participates in fishing schools and events by working our booth, most duties of speaking during fishing schools seminars, radio shows, and TV interviews, are gladly turned over to Mark…hence he is the “voice” of our team.  He likes to write when he has spare time including blogs for sponsors and his KMT Journals featured here on our website and published in the Fisherman’s Post and on

Chris WatersChris Waters | TEAM ANGLER

     Chris, although an “in-law”, is a true member of the family and has fished with the team from the beginning.


     As his nickname suggests, he is always ready and willing to get up at the crack of dawn to help do whatever is necessary to help the team from helping catching bait, to tournament preparations/cleanup and trolling for bait.  Chris also assists the team at the fishing schools we participate in and transports the boat and trailer when needed.  Chris is a huge asset to our team.

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